If you’re in need of a physiotherapist for anything from chronic back and neck pain to post operative rehabilitation, Marple Physio are here to help. Our professional therapists can offer you many years of experience and expertise, along with the very best equipment available, to give you the care that you need. We are a long established practice only 3 miles from Hazel Grove and our expertly trained staff members can help you with your injuries/pain on a one to one basis.

If you are looking for the best possible care, our modern treatment centre near Hazel Grove offers you private treatment rooms in a relaxed setting, ensuring your visit to us is as easy and comfortable as possible. Free customer parking and ground floor consultation rooms are also available to everyone. You can self refer to us on a private basis or see your GP for a referral.

A bespoke treatment package can be arranged for you after your initial consultation with us, perfectly tailored to meet your individual requirements. Our caring and personal touch allows our customers to be treated by someone that knows them and we aim to take away the clinical edge that can make so many people feel nervous about seeking help. If you are looking for physiotherapy treatment in the Hazel Grove area, our clinic is the right choice for you.


We have many clients in the Hazel Grove area, all of whom have given our clinic excellent feedback since its first day of opening. We can help you with almost any condition with a wide variety of treatment methods, so you are sure to find something to suit you. Our specialists will book you in for a consultation as soon as possible so that you can enter into treatment at your earliest convenience in order to solve the problems that you are having. If you’re still undecided however, contact us or drop in and see us where one of our helpful staff members can talk you through your options.