What is the meniscus?

The knee joint is lined with articular discs called menisci that act as shock absorbers. The menisci also act to help stabilise the knee joint and aid in lubricating the joint and controlling rotary movements.

How can you injure the meniscus?

The medial (inside) meniscus is more commonly injured compared to the lateral (outside).  It can be a common sporting injury or common in people who kneel or squat a lot in work. The usual mechanism of injury is a combination of twisting the knee whilst standing on a slightly bend knee.  The shear stress generated causes a meniscal injury or tear.

Meniscal Injury Symptoms

•    Pain usually on squatting
•    Joint swelling,
•    Locking of the joint
•    Restricted range of movement

Meniscal Injury Treatment

The management of a meniscal injury / tear depends on the severity of the condition. Mild injury or small tears can be treated conservatively. Whereas a more severe tear requires arthrospcopic surgery.