Running outdoors is a great way to stay fit and active

Running outdoors helps you to get fit and stay fit, as well as providing a good dose of vitamin D. However, running can place extraordinary demands on your body, especially if you’re new to it. Ideally, every step of a run would be pain free, with no niggling aches, pains or twinges. In reality? Many runners frequently experience some degree of discomfort. Often these nagging pains aren’t serious enough to require time-out or complete rest – but they can lessen the enjoyment of participating in the sport. Unsurprisingly, the most common injuries affect the lower limbs – hip, knee, ankles and foot problems.

Here at Marple Physio, we understand that staying fit and active is important to you. So, where possible, we’ll find a way for you to continue training – or at least return to it as soon as advisable. In other words, don’t panic! We’re not going to tell you to stop running for good.

How we help prevent running injuries?

Well, whether you’re new to running and want to avoid injury, you’re a spring marathoner whose body needs a bit of TLC, or you have a running-specific injury that needs attention, we’re here to offer prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. One of our most popular services is a pre-running assessment, which makes sure athletes are fully prepared to participate in sport. Following a thorough biomechanical and gait assessment, our physiotherapists and podiatrists can advise on everything from appropriate footwear to effective warm-up and cool-down techniques. We also advise on gradually pacing your speed and distance training to suit you and your running style. Plus, we’ll prescribe the best stretching and strengthening exercises to suit you. This preventative approach will allow you to run faster, run further, run more frequently and, most importantly, to enjoy it!

Of course, we offer similar services whatever your sport of choice – turn over to meet the team of practitioners at Marple Physio. We hope to see you soon.