The team at Marple Physio combines its expertise to help you address, overcome and prevent all types of physical injury and pain.

Our approach is always evidence based, professional and supported by the latest research. We aim not only to settle the problem and return you to activity, but to identify the underlying cause of your discomfort. Often a weakness or biomechanical fault needs to be addressed in order to prevent recurrence. Rest assured that during the whole treatment process, you’ll be given a realistic time frame, with advice on self-help now and for the future. While we love seeing you, it’s not our aim to sign you up for life!

Post-operative Rehabilitation

After most forms of orthopaedic surgery it’s necessary to undergo a period of rehabilitation. Surgery is often fantastic at repairing damaged tissue, but doesn’t deal with the way your body had adapted to the problem – and that’s where we come in. Whether after major surgery, such as a joint replacement, or more a minor but complex procedure, such as a shoulder rotator cuff tear repair, the best recovery comes with good post-operative rehabilitation. This is aimed at decreasing swelling, regaining joint movement and function and getting you back to work or hobbies – all done in constant communication with your consultant.

Sports Injuries

Treatment of sports injuries is one of our specialist areas. Our physiotherapists work with athletes of all levels, from professionals sportspeople to weekend warriors – to those just starting out or returning to activity. You can expect a full assessment of your injury, looking not only at what’s wrong but at why it occurred in the first place, so we can help prevent re-injury. We understand your frustration, so we’ll work with you to get you back training safely and enjoying your sport as soon as possible.

Working closely with our physiotherapists we have an experienced sports podiatrist, specialising in biomechanics, and a sports massage practitioner, who also works with elite athletes at the English Institute of Sport, Manchester. We have excellent links with orthopaedic consultants specialising in sports injury, so that if we feel a surgical opinion is needed, this can be organised easily and swiftly.