Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Physiotherapy Services.

  • Always looking for a loo?
  • Leak when you laugh, cough or sneeze?
  • Feel uncomfortable ‘down there’?
  • Painful sexual intercourse?
  • Leak on the way to the loo?
  • Leak at the gym or when you run?
  • Problems emptying your bowels?

Did you know that 1 in 3 women report symptoms of urinary incontinence or pelvic floor dysfunction? But only 25% seek or receive treatment. Leakage of urine is very common, but is actually NOT normal.

Risk factors for urinary incontinence can be a culmination of some of the following- pregnancy, childbirth, constipation, heavy lifting, obesity, high impact sports, ageing, menopause, genetics and pelvic surgery.

What is Urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a loss of bladder control. It can happen to anyone and symptoms can range from a very small leak to an uncontrollable flood. The most common kind of leakage is called Stress urinary incontinence, but there are other types too:-

Stress urinary incontinence – can include Leak on cough, laugh, bend, lift, sneeze, running, jumping.
Urge incontinence – having to rush to the toilet to pee and leaking on the way, leak on urge or as sitting to empty your bladder.
Urge – needing to empty your bladder very often, always looking out for a toilet.
Prolapse – positioning of prolapse and bladder, weakness within the pelvic floor muscle.

Women’s Health physiotherapy can help prevent and manage incontinence by:-

  • Teaching you how to locate and effectively strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Bladder retraining for urge.
  • Bracing techniques called the KNACK to give support during activities where you would normally leak.

Physiotherapy will teach you how to manage, treat and often completely resolve continence problems. Research shows that 80% of patients with SUI can expect a complete resolution of symptoms with the right input, so don’t suffer in silence.

Your initial appointment will include a thorough history and a vaginal exam to assess the pelvic floor and to ensure you are able to perform exercises correctly before formulation of your own specific home exercise plan.

Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapy Services.

At Marple Physio we provide a very high standard of patient care, ensuring you feel welcome and comfortable throughout your treatment with us.

We have private treatment rooms, including an easy-access, ground-floor room and designated car parking. No childcare? We’re very happy for you to bring babies and children along to your appointment, if needed.

Tamla would be happy to discuss your needs over the phone, to see if an appointment could help you. Please feel free to call the clinic on 0161 426 0100.