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Ellie R.
I booked in for a sports massage after struggling with neck and shoulder pain. Nadia was absolutely amazing throughout, I’m now feeling so much better and I’m able to turn my neck again. Thank you so much Nadia!
M. G.
My son and I have both had physio treatment from Liz, who has been brilliant in helping us quickly improve our symptoms. She has gone out of her way to help us, and is a thoroughly kind and highly knowledgeable professional. Thank you so much!
Alan W.
I have used Marple Physio several times for a variety of musculoskeletal problems. They have always been very accessible, efficient and effective in treating me. They are my first port of call for anything of this kind.
Lara D.
I've had a few sports related injuries over the past few years and have seen both Nicky and Liz at Marple Physio. Both were super knowledgeable, understood the issue, and provided practical advice and exercises to help me quickly get back up and running (literally). I really recommend Marple Physio and have had nothing but good experiences. Thanks so much for all your help!
Paul M.
My 13 year old son was suffering from a lower back issue that was stopping him football training and playing for over 4 weeks and it was really getting him down. A single appointment at Marple physio did the trick. The issue was quickly diagnosed, treated and he was left feeling much better with some exercises that have completed his recovery. I would highly recommend Marple Physio.
I went to Marple Physio during pregnancy as I was having problems with pelvic girdle pain and hypermobility. Before I started, I was struggling to walk up stairs without being in a lot of pain, had disturbed sleep from it and was dreading things getting worse in my final few months of pregnancy.Over my sessions Nicky gave me exercises that were manageable and safe, but still felt like they were making a big difference to my pain and also building up my strength. Pretty quickly I found my pain easing up and by my final session at 36 weeks, I felt in so much better shape than when I first started!I’d recommend Nicky to anyone needing support, but especially when pregnant. She was very approachable and really listened to what I needed and what I felt I could do as my pregnancy progressed.
Amy W.
Brilliant service. Helped me so much with my low back pain. Saw a couple of other people at other clinics before working with Liz and she was hands down the best!
Rose-Marie W.
I saw Nicky for pain in my c section scar which was affecting me on a daily basis. She was great at coming up with different treatments (exercises, physical manipulation and a cream) which have improved the pain I was experiencing.
Helen Q.
Liz and colleagues have been treating my son for many years and are fantastic with him. Although his condition will never change keeping him free from discomfort and moving the muscles he can’t use are invaluable to his quality of life. We can’t thank and praise them enough not only for their knowledge but for their care, commitment and respect shown to us all
Ste W.
I went to Marple Physiotherapy with what I assumed was a sore neck, but it turned out to be my shoulder. After many sleepless nights in agony I went to see Liz, who after two visits got me back to normal. Everything from what she did in the practice to the exercises see gave me to do at home is geared up to promote a speedy recovery and her knowledge is incredible.Can’t recommend them enough.
Andreea D.
Excellent input from Liz during my recovery after rather complex knee ligament injury. She provided step-by-step guidance with regards to specific exercises for every stage of the recovery alongside therapeutical ultrasound and massage. Highly recommended
Emily R.
From the get go, I have been really impressed with my treatment at Marple Physio and would recommend it to anyone with back troubles. The initial consultation was so thorough, I left feeling positive that I could improve my chronic pain. I really appreciated that Liz was able to explain the reasoning behind my long term back troubles (over compensation and shortened muscles etc.) She has given me a proactive treatment plan that I never got previously from other establishments and I have seen an improvement in my condition after only a few sessions.
Simon T.
A massive thank you to Liz for getting me to the start line of the Manchester Marathon! Picking up an injury half way through training I feared the worst for the big day, but a swift treatment cycle had me back up and running in a couple of weeks. I had plantar fasciitis which I have heard keep people out for months on end so such a huge thank you for the wonderful care provided to help me back to my feet.
Adam F.
I self-referred to Liz after an episode of chopping firewood resulted in a bad case of tennis elbow with constant pain and a complete absence of strength in my right arm. The combination of physical therapy over a course of weeks, combined with effective exercises for home, has all but cured it, in a surprisingly short time. In the process of treating my arm, Liz also diagnosed some of my long term back problems and set me on a course to strengthen the right muscles to counter those issues. Great experience and would wholly recommend.
Christopher L.
Brilliant, extremely knowledgeable and caring. They put me at ease which is very difficult when you have a very painful back. Everything from the therapy provided to the online programme they use to send you exercises is first class.
Kieran B.
I had physio on my shoulder with Liz and she is very friendly and an expert at what she does. She was quick to diagnose the issue and give me the appropriate exercises that helped fix the problem. Would definitely recommend.
James B.
I had a sports massage with Nicky. Overall, a brilliant service which I would highly recommend.
Mark B.
I received fantastic service from Marple Physiotherapy and my physiotherapist Nicky. The causes of my hip injury were investigated and clearly explained, and I was given several recovery exercises to follow. All in all a very rigorous, personable, and tailored experience. Would highly recommend.
Anthony W.
Very pleased indeed with the treatment. Working a treat. Home excercises are extremely helpful. Definitely recommend.
Dan L.
Great fiendly service. Nice premises. Liz sorted my issues out. Will return!
I arranged with Nicky for some physio on my father’s shoulder at short notice as my dad was in a lot of pain.He is so happy with the Sevice and effort Nicky gave him today and is very pleased with the results already. Thanks so much for looking after him. He will be returning next week..
Clare M.
Before lockdown I started treatment with Julie on my C-section scar. I have suffered with pain, aggressively red looking scar which was hypertrophic for a year. After a discussion and 3 sessions with Julie I saw an improvement. We did specific massage, which involved super gentle movement technique, along with an ultrasound treatment. Julie explained exactly how to treat my scar at home so I could continue with the movement technique myself.The scar is now less aggressive looking and in parts starting to turn skin colour and has more movement all along the scar. Although not 100% pain free just yet, it is a massive improvement.If you have any scar pain then I highly recommend having a chat with Julie and she can talk you through what treatment is best suited to you.
Jaione I.
I've been to this physio due to aches and pains during my pregnancy and the experience was great. Very helpful and professional. Highly recommended!
Katamari G.
I really cannot recommend this practice highly enough. After two years of chronic pain, I am finally on the road to recovery, thanks to the help of the physiotherapists at Marple Physio. I also had my first video consultation appointment with Nicky yesterday, something the practice has introduced now face to face appointments are not currently possible. I was unsure how a video consultation would work, but I found it to be extremely useful. I have been experiencing a flare up of symptoms over the last few weeks, and Nicky did a fantastic job of suggesting exercises and movements I could use to help with them. She demonstrated moves, observed how I was moving, and I feel confident I now have some new things to try, to help relieve symptoms. I would definitely recommend a video consultation, to anyone wondering if it might be helpful.
My first visit at Marple Physio was outstanding.Liz conducted my initial physio assessment and treatment.Liz listened, was understanding and new straight away how she was going to help me going forward.All in all a really nice experience and I look forward to Liz and the rest at Marple Physio in bringing me back to full working order!Nathan
Lois H.
I attended the pre and postnatal pilates classes with Nicky, through Marple Physio and would really recommend. The antenatal classes assisted with my mobility towards the end of my pregnancy, especially with tight hips.The postnatal classes helped with a sore back due to spilt stomach muscles. I would definitely recommend the classes for any ladies who are experiencing discomfort during and after pregnancy.The classes are physio based and Nicky provides one to one assistance advising exercises for particular aches and pains.
Mark G.
I can highly recommend the services at Marple Physio following recovery from a recent injury the team have helped me get back to normal in the shortest possible timescales. Lovely people, great at their job and very professional.
Ben G.
Have been to Marple Physio many times over the past 5 years and have had amazing treatment. Liz and Nicky have both been 1st class and helped me through numerous running injuries. I recommend them highly.
A fantastic physio, Liz has a caring and holistic approach. I have been to other physios and no-one compares to the treatment here. The practice has a warm and caring feel, you never feel rushed. Feeling so much better with the treatment. Highly recommended.
john P.
Great servce
matthew A.
I had been suffering with a bad back making it very difficult for me to get to the gym and keep the weight off. I approached Marple physio for advice and treatment. I was seen by Liz, physio who expertly diagnosed the problem and helped me understand what she felt was wrong with my lower back. The pain quickly lifted after performing the exercises she suggested and though it did twinge on a couple of occasions, persistence with my appointments and exercises progressed my continued recovery. I am now pain free and back at the gym. I was beginning to think my days in the gym were over being 55 years of age, but Liz reassured me that this was not the case and that with more intelligent training tips I could prevent the return of further problems. I would definitely recommend Marple Physio service for those frustrated with sporting injuries and I would like to say a big thank you to Marple Physio and in particular Liz, have a great Christmas and happy New Year. Matthew Allen .
Nick -
Had a poor experience last year with physio, only had 15 minute session but charged full price.Tried the podiatrist and they were unable to treat my foot, they did a letter for GP but still charged for the session.Had physio elsewhere and always had full 45/50 minutes! Feel like they are more interested in the money than the person returning!
Philip W.
I came to Marple Physio, having issues with my hamstring and chest, my hamstring issue was from when i broke my leg 3 years ago and i had not done anything about it until now. I go to the gym quite frequent and these muscles were hindering my abilities. Nicola Jackson was very knowledgeable and has done a great job with me, she helped me work on these issues and now my chest is feeling alot better as is my hamstring too. Nicola helped me look at not just the muscles that were the problem but other things like certain parts of my body compensating for others. I can now keep working on these to help improve my overall body. Thank you to Nicola for the help, i would definitely recommend.Phil Wright
Patrick L.
Seeking treatment for a recurring hamstring problem i was getting playing football i contacted Marple Physio. I was seen by Nicky, unlike previous physio's Nicky looked past the hamstring to find the route/cause of the problem. After a full diagnosis Nicky found it wasn't actually my Hamstring that was the problem but the surrounding areas. I was given a stretching programme to follow and after a few treatment sessions (including acupuncture) and sticking to the programme i have played pain free for a nearly a month now and also have the programme to stick to moving forward. Highly recommended would definitely use again. Thanks Nicky.
Rob A.
So far so good, friendly, very flexible appointment times, early morning, late evenings. Good structured routine to take home with step by step instructions and videos.
Patricia O.
Thanks Nicola you have changed my life And restored my confidence I wish that I had consulted you sooner.looking forward to Pilates.
Lynn B.
Very friendly staff well worth a visit to get rid of your aches and pains i find nicky to be very knowledgeable and professional she also has magic hands that make my aches and pains go away thank you ladies.
Melissa S.
I was seen the day after phoning for an appointment and it was a relaxed but informative assessment. Staff all friendly and polite. Good car parking available. Not nervous about returning which is always a good sign. Pain beginning to lift which is also what I am wanting. Definitely recommend.
Hanna S.
I've been treated by Liz for a couple of issues over the past few years, some long-standing, some post-pregnancy, none straightforward. The treatment rooms are lovely, and it is really easy to get appointments at times that suit. I've been really impressed by her holistic approach to investigating issues and treatment. Combinations of acupuncture, massage, muscle stimulation and exercises have all been used together to fix me. Most importantly, her work with me has been working, and has steadily fixed posture issues, post-pregnancy core muscle problems and aches and pains from running. Hurrah!
Mark D.
My wife, Angela, has been having physio at this practice ever since her car accident in February and would thoroughly recommend it to family and friends.My wife's treatment has been with Liz, who she describes as both professional and caring. Liz has explained everything, putting Angela at ease from the start. My wife has been given excellent practical advice and exercises to do at home, which have aided her recovery.Our son has also had podiatry treatment here, which we would also thoroughly recommend.The staff on reception are welcoming and there is also ample car parking.
Karen B.
Liz is a very caring and excellent physio and I would highly recommend her. Lovely friendly receptionists too.
Sara S.
Top quality care from an excellent pool of very well qualified staff.
Ranelagh 10k H.
Highly recommended. Friendly, welcoming staff and easy booking. I came to Marple with a running injury and the cause of the problem was very quickly and accurately pinpointed by Liz. Rather than sign me up for endless appointments and tell me to stop exercising, she gave effective treatment and prescribed the exercises I'd need to strengthen my body and prevent a recurrence. It's worked a treat and I wouldn't hesitate to return if I needed to.
Rob P.
From my visits there I would highly recommend Marple Physio. I had excruciating pain spasms in my shoulder and arm which as well as hurting a lot also scared me too. I was reassured by the highly experienced team there that my pain was musculoskeletal and that it could be treated succesfully. After six or so sessions I was enormously grateful to be free of pain and have full mobility back in my neck and shoulder. I was able to fit appointments in outside of my working hours which was also a great benefit, attending evening or Saturday sessions. Overall a great experience with the desired outcome!