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Choosing the right personal trainer

The right advice from a qualified healthcare professional or personal trainer is essential when embarking on a successful and long-lasting exercise regime and lifestyle change.

However, choosing a personal trainer can be an overwhelming task. Over the years, we have treated many injuries caused by poor training techniques, taught or supervised by poor quality personal trainers.

Are you new to exercise?

Achieving the right balance of cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, and strength training can help to prevent aches and pains, as well as many health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis, and mental health problems.

However, people can often start working out enthusiastically without the knowledge required to exercise safely. This can lead to fatigue or injury and often means they can give up and return to their sedentary lifestyles.

Additionally, although people often have the desire to improve their fitness, they often lack the motivation or confidence to get started.

No matter what your current level of fitness is, we can help you to gain confidence in exercise, to become fitter, and to reach your goals.

If you have aches and pains, current injuries, or are just unsure of what level of activity or type of exercise is suitable for you, then please contact our clinic, and one of our physiotherapy team will happily have a free telephone consultation with you.

If you are new to exercise, or if you take regular prescribed medication, we also advise that you consult with your GP before starting a new exercise regime.

Why choose VIDE Fitness?

Olly Freeman, from VIDE Fitness, is an experienced Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach (NASM-CNC).

Olly specialises in training people with musculoskeletal issues – working safely alongside their physiotherapist.

VIDE Fitness

Olly Freeman, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

After initially studying physics at Salford University, Olly ventured into a career in fitness and qualified as a Personal Trainer. His knowledge of biomechanics, functional anatomy, and exercise science allows him to responsibly support clients who may have joint or muscle issues, need nutritional guidance, or are wanting to lose-weight and gain strength, mobility and fitness.

Olly is empathetic and offers pragmatic advice to clients with their personal goals, circumstances, and abilities in mind. He understands that overcoming psychological barriers can be as important as physical ones, and works hard to ensure a positive and trusting relationship with his clients.

Testimonial from Liz….

“After undergoing an operation to stabilise my injured ankle six months ago, I was keen to return to my pre-injury fitness as quickly as possible. I have been training with VIDE Fitness for three months now and I am delighted with the progress I have made.

I am very impressed by the emphasis Olly places on correct technique when exercising, especially when weight lifting, as this is vital to prevent injuries. My workouts have always been perfectly tailored to my fitness level and optimised to make sure I achieve the most out of every session.

I am amazed by the progress I have made; not only am I fitter and stronger than I have been for years, I am also more motivated now than at the start of my training in the knowledge I can achieve all my fitness goals. I am eating more food without gaining weight and my mood and energy levels are better than ever. I cannot recommend Olly enough.”

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Here's what our clients say.

Marple Physiotherapy
Based on 38 reviews
Christopher L.
06:54 04 Nov 22
Brilliant, extremely knowledgeable and caring. They put me at ease which is very difficult when you have a very painful back. Everything from the therapy provided to the online programme they use to send you exercises is first class.
Kieran B.
12:52 23 May 22
I had physio on my shoulder with Liz and she is very friendly and an expert at what she does. She was quick to diagnose the issue and give me the appropriate exercises that helped fix the problem. Would definitely recommend.
James B.
09:05 03 Sep 21
I had a sports massage with Nicky. Overall, a brilliant service which I would highly recommend.
Mark B.
14:42 11 Jul 21
I received fantastic service from Marple Physiotherapy and my physiotherapist Nicky. The causes of my hip injury were investigated and clearly explained, and I was given several recovery exercises to follow. All in all a very rigorous, personable, and tailored experience. Would highly recommend.
Ste W.
06:07 25 Mar 21
I went to Marple Physiotherapy after I slipped on the ice with my dog and hurt my neck/shoulder. After many sleepless nights in agony I went to see Liz, who over a few visits worked wonders and had me pain free and most importantly got me my full movement back in my right arm. Everything from what she did in the practice to the exercises see gave me to do at home is geared up to promote a speedy recovery and her knowledge is incredible.Can’t recommend them enough, would definitely suggest a visit if you have any aches or pains.
Anthony W.
11:44 02 Mar 21
Very pleased indeed with the treatment. Working a treat. Home excercises are extremely helpful. Definitely recommend.
Dan L.
12:42 19 Feb 21
Great fiendly service. Nice premises. Liz sorted my issues out. Will return!
16:17 18 Dec 20
I arranged with Nicky for some physio on my father’s shoulder at short notice as my dad was in a lot of pain.He is so happy with the Sevice and effort Nicky gave him today and is very pleased with the results already. Thanks so much for looking after him. He will be returning next week..
Clare M.
11:31 19 Apr 20
Before lockdown I started treatment with Julie on my C-section scar. I have suffered with pain, aggressively red looking scar which was hypertrophic for a year. After a discussion and 3 sessions with Julie I saw an improvement. We did specific massage, which involved super gentle movement technique, along with an ultrasound treatment. Julie explained exactly how to treat my scar at home so I could continue with the movement technique myself.The scar is now less aggressive looking and in parts starting to turn skin colour and has more movement all along the scar. Although not 100% pain free just yet, it is a massive improvement.If you have any scar pain then I highly recommend having a chat with Julie and she can talk you through what treatment is best suited to you.

At Marple Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation. We therefore highly value the patient feedback we receive as we continually strive to improve our services.

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